We find ourselves in unique and changing times during this pandemic situation.  At Calvary Chapel, we continue to pursue the Creator of the Universe and the Purposes He laid out for the Church, as He and they don't change.  We continue to want to help people connect with God and pursue a growing relationship with Him.  We will continue to encourage and equip our members to share HOPE and HELP by being good neighbors.  We will continue to connect with each other for encouragement. And we continue to invite others to join us!  On this page you will find a weekly update video and a list of our current modified practices.





While we continue to navigate through this crisis, here's what Calvary Chapel will keep doing:

  • We are returning to in-person services starting May 17th, both at 8:45am and 11:00am.  We will be making several changes to seating and other procedures to ensure safety and social distancing.  There will NOT be Sunday School, Children's Programs, Nursery, or Wednesday Services in-person at this time.

  • We will continue also posting Wednesday (7pm) and Sunday (11:00am) Online Services to YouTube and Facebook

  • We will encourage growth and interactive spiritual development 

    • Youth Instagram

    • Bible study resources,

    • Sunday School quarterly study guides by LifeWay

    • Reading plan on Genesis on YouVersion Bible App

    • We are working on some virtual and small group opportunities as well.

  • We will continue making calls and checking on people. If you have a need or know someone who has a need, call the church office

  • We will be available

    • During times when it is not feasible to be in the office, we will have phone calls redirected to an on-call staff member.

    • During times we are able to be in the office we will limit contact

      • We are locking the doors at church while we are working​ and have set up a drop-off table in the entryway.

      • If you have something to drop off or a need, please call the church office ahead of arrival

      • Once you arrive we will unlock the door and stand behind the drop-off table. 

      • We ask that you do not go past the drop-off table and use the hand sanitizer that is provided at the table. 

  • We will always offer HOPE and HELP - we encourage you to do the same! 

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