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When was the last time you received an invitation?  My most recent formal invitation was for the wedding of a son of one of our friends.  In today’s culture of limited venues and destination weddings, it’s a little harder to get on the list, so I was thrilled to receive this invitation.  I said out loud to whoever was in earshot, “We made it in!”  I was excited.  I immediately put it in my phone calendar and hung the invitation on a prominent spot on our fridge.  It feels good to be included.  I want us to remember that feeling when we think about our friends and neighbors and their engagement with faith.  


A couple of years ago, we made a church-wide emphasis on Outreach called “Who’s Your One?”  At the core of that campaign was creating a personal invite culture: identifying one person in your life that needs the truth and hope of Jesus.  Then beginning to pray for them, love them, serve them, and eventually invite them to church and share with them our own personal hope in Jesus.  That campaign wasn’t a one-and-done yearlong project, but rather an encouragement to a perpetual lifestyle.  And this month we have a wonderful opportunity to put that practice into action - EASTER. 


March 31st we will be celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is the most important set of events in history.  It’s the foundation of our faith and the mechanism for our salvation.  It is also historically one of the most well attended church services of the year.  That all culminates in being one of the best days to invite someone to join you for church service!  So, right now, I want to challenge you to consider - Who’s Your One?  Maybe it’s a family member.  Maybe it’s a close friend. Maybe it’s literally physically a neighbor.  Maybe it’s a co-worker or a classmate.  Maybe it’s someone you run into routinely in your daily life: a cashier, server, gym-mate. 


Once you’ve decided on your one, begin praying and planning.  How are you going to invite them?  How can you begin showing them Christ’s love through your relationship?  What would you tell them about why you’ve placed your hope in Jesus? 


Can you imagine what would happen if we each made it our habit to do those things for the people in our life?  If we each asked ourselves, “Who can we reach and love and invite that’s not a part of a church community this year?”  What if each family looked around their life and neighborhood and said, “Who can we reach out and share with and invite into what Jesus is doing?”  What might happen?  How many new people would find life in Christ?  How many new disciples would start being trained for the ministry?  How many broken, hopeless situations would be reversed?  How much would the Gospel message be multiplied? 


Will you join me in creating a culture of invitation?

Who's Your One?

Click on the link below to find out more about Who's Your One? and join the movement of invitation taking place around the world!

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