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Join us in Engaging with God's Word in 2023!!

At CALVARY CHAPEL we believe that God has given us His Word - the written words we find in the Bible, His eternal promises, and the Word became flesh in the person of our Savior Jesus Christ!  We want to encourage you to read and memorize verses from the Bible.  If you read from the Bible five times a week and memorize one verse a week you will have read 260 days and memorized over 50 verses in a year!

F260 Reading Plan

If you are looking for a good plan to use engaging with the Bible this year, we suggest the F260 Plan from Robby and Kandi Gallaty.  It is a chronological walk through the majority of the Old and New Testaments that will help you see the big picture story of the Bible.

You can download a copy of the reading plan here or engage with it using the YouVersion Bible app here.

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