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Saturday, February 10th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The event...

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Every summer since 1999, Calvary Chapel has been sending high school students to the Christ In Youth MOVE conference. MOVE is a 5-day event for high school students that helps them know Jesus better, deepens their relationships, and sends them home ready to do Kingdom Work. Over the years, we have seen God use this 5-day event to change countless lives. While the spiritual value of this week may be immeasurable, there is a considerable financial cost for students to attend this event.

As a church family, we are committed to providing our students opportunities to earn service equity towards the cost of attending MOVE conference. For this reason, we are introducing a new event this year. The Calvary Chapel Valentine's Banquet. Each student who helps with the Valentine's Banquet will receive a discount of $50.00 toward their admission fee to Move 2024.

The Menu


HOUSE SALAD Lettuce and mixed greens tossed with house dressing, parmesan, onion, red peppers and cucumber.

Red Pasta Option

Beef Lasagna with Ricotta Bechamel: This old-school, authentic Italian lasagna is unique and over the top. The creamy bechamel melts in your mouth, and together with the fresh herbs, it balances out the meat sauce's hearty flavor.

White Pasta Option

Three-Cheese Pesto:  The richness of three kinds of cheese – Parmesan, ricotta, and mozzarella – contrasts beautifully with a creamy basil pesto and supple greens in this lasagna. Sautéed mushrooms provide a meatiness that still feels light, and a healthy bit of garlic keeps things lively.

The cost is $25.00 per plate. Each plate includes salad, bread, a choice of pasta, and a drink.

New to the event this year is an additional fund raising dessert auction. 

Child care with a kid-friendly menu will be provided. 

Registration and purchase of tickets are required in advance. 

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